Porcelain Tiles for Sale that home renovations stand the test of time

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Upgrade Your Bathroom, Kitchen or Home Exterior with Durable and Stylish Porcelain
Porcelain Tiles for Sale Porcelain tiles offer homeowners a beautiful option when it comes to renovating bathrooms or kitchens. Anytime an upgrade is put into place, it is important to consider how much wear this particular area receives and whether or not the tiles used will be able to retain their beauty throughout the years. Often people end up renovating with materials that are not as durable as they originally thought and as a result, do not get a sufficient return on their renovation investment.
Porcelain tiles are the perfect option for renovating bathrooms on account of their durability and the multitude of versatile style options.
Types of Porcelain Tiles
Porcelain tiles are stain-resistant and can withstand daily wear and moisture, making them an ideal tiling option for the bathroom floor or shower. In addition, porcelain can maintain its look and beauty in various degrees of extreme temperatures. As a result of this durability, it can also be used in exterior décor.
There are two different options to choose from when it comes to porcelain. Full-body porcelain tiles have a colour pigment added with the clay body powder, mixed and shaped accordingly. These retain a consistent colour through the entire body of the tile. Many people opt for these, as should a chip occur, it is less noticeable as the colour is the same on the interior as the exterior.
A glazed porcelain tile differs in that the coloured glaze is applied onto the surface of the tile, meaning that chips are more obvious in the rare chance that they should occur.
Benefits of Porcelain
The durability of porcelain has made it a popular choice in many renovation projects. Being a dense and minimally porous material, porcelain is able to withstand the stains that can occur from daily living or high moisture. As a result, they make for a sound investment. This high aptitude for withstanding various degrees of moisture comes from the production and manufacturing process of porcelain. The tiles themselves are composed of fine porcelain clays. These clays are mixed with quartz, sand and various other ferrous materials meaning that they are incredibly hard and durable.
Both interior and exterior applications of porcelain offer the benefit of enabling homeowners to become creative with styles and colour schemes. Porcelain is currently available in a wider range of different colours than ever before.
Homeowners who are looking to enhance the look of their bathrooms are able to select from various different styles, including specific tile shapes as well as those with elevated patterns. A bathroom or kitchen that has been upgraded with porcelain will not only increase the appearance of either of these rooms, but will also aid in elevating the value of a home.
While some homeowners opt for less expensive options, it becomes necessary to spend more money to upgrade down the line. By investing in beautiful porcelain patterns, renovators can rest assured that their new tiles will remain in their original gorgeous state for years to come.